I want to cancel my subscription

To manage/cancel your subscription, simply use the “Manage Subscriptions” option in the settings screen of My Talking Pet (tap the cog icon in the top right). If there is no option there to “Manage Subscriptions” then you aren’t subscribed!

You can check and manage all of your subscriptions for all apps any time as follows:

On iOS:
Navigate to your account settings on the app store (tap your picture in the top right of the app store, then your name at the top of the menu), then choose subscriptions.

On Android:
Open the Google Play Store and check if you’re signed in to the correct Google Account, tap the three horizontal lines menu icon, and then Subscriptions.


I want to turn off head movement or blinking

You can turn off head movement for your own photos, but not for the built in animal photos.

On Android, when you are editing the position of the facial features, you will find switches beneath the photo to turn head movement and blinking on or off for that particular pet.

On iPhone/iPad press the 3 horizontal lines icon (at the bottom of the photo) to reveal the switches.


I can’t move the voice sliders

Press record, say something, and then stop. After doing this you should be able to move the sliders!


I downloaded the app and I can’t find it

If the app doesn’t seem to be there, then you could always just download it again from the App Store or Google Play store. If you already have the app, then the “install” button will instead say “open”, taking you directly to the app.


I want the personal assistant widget

To add the widget on iOS:
Swipe right on the homescreen until you get to the furthest left screen.
Scroll down until you see an ‘Edit’ button
Scroll down until you see the My Talking Pet icon and press the green plus sign next to it.

Unfortunately the Personal Assistant widget is not available on Android.


I want two or more pets talking together

Unfortunately you can’t do that in the app yet! You could record multiple videos and edit them together using an app such as iMovie on iOS, or Quik or Movie Maker on Android.


I can’t share/save videos

Record something with the record button then press stop. Now press Share/Save.

Pressing the save/share button saves your video to your gallery, which you can find outside of the My Talking Pet app, using the Photos or Gallery app. The app then brings up options for how to share.

If you are presented with a subscription screen, you have hit the limit of the free app and need to subscribe to continue.

If you have subscribed but still get the subscription screen anyway, please try turning your phone off (hold the power button for 10 seconds or so until the screen goes black) then turn it back on, and try again.

Note that the images on the front page of My Talking Pet are not saved videos, they are saved templates for you to make more videos with, using the photo and markers you already set up.

If you have the older version of the app (pink icon with blue paws), then you need to download the newer version here:
Or here:
Make sure you still have the old app installed when you first launch the new one, and you’ll be offered a year free trial.


My pet’s mouth isn’t opening/closing

You probably have face mirroring turned on. This means that the opening and closing of the mouth comes from your own mouth movements! Try opening and closing your mouth to see if it’s working. If you want the mouth movements to come from the sound instead, you can turn off face mirroring by going to settings (the cog icon in the top right of the main menu).


There’s no sound

Try turning the volume up on the side of the phone, and making sure mute is off, *while* your pet is speaking (to make sure it sets the volume for the app rather than the ringtone).

If you still have the problem, simply delete the My Talking Pet app (touch and hold on the icon until it wiggles, then press the cross), then re-install it again from the app store.

Then when you first press the record button with the fresh install, make sure you press the “allow” button when it asks if it can use the microphone, and everything should work fine.


The recording time is too short

The recording time limit is only in the free version. If you subscribe then this limitation is removed.


I get a “purchases disabled” error

Go to the Settings app and select “Screen Time”, then “Content and Privacy Restrictions”. Here you can either turn off Content & Privacy restrictions altogether. Or you can just select “iTunes & App Store Purchases” then set “In-app Purchases” to “Allow”. Once you’ve done this, go back to My Talking Pet and try again!


I have a different issue with billing

Unfortunately we have no control over payments, that’s all handled by Apple and Google. You could try getting in touch with the App Store support or Google Play support.


Can i use family sharing to share the my talking pet subscription?

Unfortunately, Family Sharing is not supported for subscription apps yet.


My problem is something else

If you want to cancel your subscription please note that we don’t deal with payments/billing. Please simply check here about how to manage your subscriptions:

If your problem is about something different, please email

It would help a lot if you can describe exactly what happened leading up to the problem, and include a screenshot if relevant, or an example video.
We’ll do our best to fix it!