My Talking Pet has been around for nearly 7 years now, and has continued to grow in popularity. We’ve been humbled by all the positive feedback, and want to make sure we continue to support the amazing fanbase.┬áSo what started out as a small app created by 1 developer now requires a full-time team to support and maintain… We also want to expand the app further, to create tons of exciting new features for our lovely users, which means growing the team even more.

That’s why we decided to move our payment model to a subscription service. There are a few advantages to this:

  • You can try out the app for free without paying anything
  • You can pay less if you only want to use the app for a while. For example a week long subscription will cost less than a dollar, rather than having to pay the full price of a one-time purchase.
  • It means we can pay the team and server costs reliably based on continuing usage of the app, rather than from previous one-off purchases

It’s a shame to have to remove the old version from the store, and we really regret the inconvenience it will cause our existing users. However it’s bad practice to have two versions of the same app on the App Stores.

Our solution is to make sure that anyone with the old (one-time purchase) version on their device, gets an entire year’s free subscription in My Talking Pet 2. So if you’re an existing user of the original My Talking Pet (the version that has an icon with a pink background and blue paws), then get My Talking Pet 2 now!

Make sure you change over as soon as possible, because we won’t be supporting the old version from October 2019.

There’s lots to look forward to in My Talking Pet 2! Coming soon:

  • Your pets copy your facial expressions and head movement!
  • Use other peoples pets and get your own pet in the Featured Pets section
  • Improved animation
  • Lots of new accessories and special effects
  • Send videos as e-cards for special occasions

Upgrading the App

To ensure your upgrade goes smoothly, make sure you don’t delete My Talking Pet Classic (pink icon) before completing the ‘Free Trial’ subscription process in My Talking Pet 2 (blue icon).

The free 1 year trial relies on the presence of My Talking Pet Classic on your iOS device. If you delete My Talking Pet Classic, you will never see the right screen in My Talking Pet 2, and could get charged for the subscription.

If you are in doubt before subscribing, please get in touch with us before committing. We have no control over refunds as this is all handled by Apple.